Crystals To Assist With Spirit Release

Spirit QuartzI’ve been using crystals to facilitate spirit release and soul retrieval for over forty years. Whilst I believe that spirit release is best carried out by trained specialists, there are times when healers and other therapists are suddenly confronted with the need to release or retrieve. Or when release therapists need a little extra assistance. This is where crystals come in, especially when supported by purpose-made essences. I find these gentle, compassionate tools invaluable for three reasons. The first is that they protect my own energies, creating an interface at which I can work safely so I can give all my attention to the work in hand. The crystal stands at the interface between you, the other person and the entity, creating a barrier so the entity cannot attach to you after release. They also maintain a sacred and energetically clean space in which to work.

The second reason is that they energetically facilitate release and call in angelic helpers and divine light to move the spirit on, facilitating the work. Crystals can, when needed, provide a ‘home’ for a spirit or entity until it can be moved on or returned to whence it came. They act rather like a net to hold anything undesirable rather than setting it free to settle into some other vulnerable soul. But they also act as a healer and purifier for a soul part that is returning. The third gift is that they energetically seal the site of an attachment once it has been cleared, purifying and healing the aura, object or environment so that nothing else can attach.