Chakra Attachments

Many attachments occur through the chakras and crystals can be used to ‘clean out the hooks’. It’s not only discarnate spirits that can attach here. Anyone you have ever had sex with can have left some of their energy field in your lower chakras, for instance but strong thoughts of lust can lodge there even if there has been no physical contact, and it is common to find that miscarriages or still births have left behind some of the energy of the soul who would have been born. You will find emotional attachment hooks into the sacral and solar plexus, thought forms in the third eye, ancestral hooks in the soma or higher chakras.

The new high vibration Rainbow Mayanite works brilliantly for chakra clearing but has to be used with care as it’s like a psychic scalpel. Flint, Raw Charoite, Brandenberg, Lemurian Seed, Clear Quartz Points and Stibnite also work well. Simply spiral the crystal in (counter clockwise is usual but use which works for you), then spiral the crystal out to pull out the attachments. Cleanse the crystal thoroughly and then spiral in light to seal where the attachment was held.

Earth Star: (below the feet) Material connection.
Attachments: spirits of place, stuck spirits. If it is permanently open, you can easily pick up negative energies from the ground or pick up ‘spirits of place’, either as attachments or as communication of events that have taken place.
Base and sacral: Creativity.
Attachments: previous partners, children, anyone you’ve ever had sex with, needy people, thought forms, unborn parents. Previous partners or significant others leave their imprint in these chakras and can continue to influence through the association.
Solar plexus: Emotions.
Attachments: people with whom you have had an emotional entanglement in the past whenever that may have been. Ancestral spirits, relatives, needy people. Invasion and energy leeching take place through this chakra. A 'stuck-open' solar plexus means you take on other people’s feelings easily. You may well receive intuitions through your solar plexus as you unconsciously read other people’s emotions.
Spleen: (under left arm) Energy.
Attachments: psychic vampires, needy people, ex-partners. Psychic vampires can leach your energy, as can past partners, children or parents and hooks here are common.
Heart seed: (base of breastbone) Soul remembrance.
Attachments: parts of your soul left in other lives or dimensions. If you have left parts of yourself at past life deaths or traumatic or deeply emotional experiences, then these parts can be attached and trying to influence you to complete unfinished business.
Higher Heart: (above the heart): Unconditional love.
Attachments: guides, gurus or masters, mentors. Mentors, masters and gurus open the higher heart chakra, and in so doing tie you to them and not all masters or gurus have clean energy or the best of intents.
Throat: (over throat) Communication.
Attachments: teachers, mentors, gurus, thought forms. A blocked throat chakra results in difficulty in communication - especially in not being able to speak your truth. Problems can arise from your own unvoiced intuitions and the dogmatic nature of a blocked throat chakra can leave you closed to intuitive solutions.
Brow Chakras: (third eye, slightly above and between the eyebrows) Intuition.
Attachments: thought forms, ancestors or relatives, lost souls. If the chakra is blocked, then you cannot visualise or receive intuitions. You will be attached to the past, fearful and superstitious and prone to create exactly what you fear most.
Soma Chakra: (above the third eye, at the hairline) Spiritual connection.
Attachments: ‘lost souls’, walk-ins. When this chakra is stuck open it is all too easy for spirits to attach. It can be used to detach the etheric body and help the soul move out.
Past life chakras: (behind the ears along the bony ridge of the skull) Past experiences.
Attachments: past life personas, soul fragments, thought forms from previous beliefs. If the chakras are stuck open, you will feel unsafe and overwhelmed by past life memories of trauma and violent death and fears which leaves the way open for past life personas and thought forms to attach or re-manifest.
Crown Chakra: Spiritual connection.
Attachments: spiritual entities, lost souls, mentors. If it is stuck open, then you will be prey to illusions and false communicators as it leaves you open to thought forms, spirit attachment or undue influence.
Soul Star: (above your head) Spiritual enlightenment/illumination.
Attachments: ancestral spirits, ETs, ‘lost souls’. Stuck open or blocked closed, it can lead to soul fragmentation, spirit attachment, ET invasion, or overwhelm by ancestral spirits.
Stellar Gateway: (above the Soul Star) Cosmic doorway to other worlds.
Attachments: so-called enlightened beings that are anything but. When it is stuck open, it can be a source of cosmic disinformation that leads to illusion, delusion, deception and disintegration that leaves you totally unable to function in the everyday world.