Spirit Attachment Definition

To me, spirit attachment means that a discarnate spirit has entered a living person’s energy field or is influencing it. It can only occur when an energy field is weak and depleted, and when someone does not fully inhabit their body and the soul is not fully present so there is a ‘gap’ or vacuum. It often arises out of momentary loss of energy containment such as in drink or drug taking, or the effects of anesthetic, shock or trauma. It is common in cases of depression or debilitating illnesses like M.E. But it may also stem back to other lives or deliberate psychic attack. Attachment can be seen in the eyes, which are blank with ‘no one home’ or ‘someone else’ looks out from them. The attaching spirit usually seeks to experience something it was addicted to in life or to control someone, it may be simply lost or be malicious. Attachments are not confined to human beings and may arise from thought forms or alien sources. It’s not always external attachment although it will feel like it is. It may be projection/repressed qualities/obsessive thoughts manifesting apparently externally. Spirit may also be attached to an object rather than a person. It is sensible to bear in mind that not all attaching spirits have left their physical body. The living can ‘possess’ or overly influence the living. Attachments can arise from the thoughts and feelings of others who try to influence or control or who try to clutch onto your strength – a very common experience for healers, readers and counselors. It’s as though they have their hooks into you.

[If you think this might have occurred check out your aura: a Selenite, raw Charoite or Flint ‘comb through’ about a foot out from the physical body will clear superficial hooks from the aura and clear the way for a more comprehensive release if needed].